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How did you enjoy the seminar?

“Very informative. He made it sound very easy to make some financial changes and easy to feel confident about my future and about having extra money. We all need it and we don’t always want to work until we are 70 or 67 like the government wants us to, that’s why I came tonight.”

What was the best lesson you took from the seminar?

“There was a raffle where a man won 100 dollars and John asked what are you going to do with that? The guy was stuck for words when John added read the first chapter of my book and save it. That’s what we have to do save and stop spending more money. I think the way John puts together the seminar and shows the cycle that things run in such as buying and selling property was great. I came in a little late so I didn’t catch the whole seminar; however, I got the book and started reading through it and there are a lot of good tips in there.”