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What research is crucial to find a Australian suburb with the best growth?

There are many articles written about the research that an investor must undertake to find a location that will grow in value and has good investment fundamentals. This is your due diligence process and every investor’s research process looks different when determining where to invest. For new investors, it’s crucial to firstly understand what those investment fundamentals are. Now that you know what you’re looking for, you can head to certain places to obtain the information. You may decide to be led by property experts and buyer’s agents, leveraging off of their experience. Read more: http://www.propertyobserver.com.au/sponsored/first-time-investor-series/39885-what-research-is-crucial-to-find-a-suburb-with-the-best-growth.html


DISCLAIMER: This disclaimer is a requirement of the Securities Industry Legislation Act. The writer of this article is not a practicing lawyer or financier. The information, statements and opinions expressed are intended only as a guide as to some of the important considerations to be taken into account relating to property investment. I strongly suggest that you consult with licensed professionals such as accountants, Lawyers, Valuers, Development Consultants, Quantity Surveyors and others, BEFORE signing any contracts or other binding documents.