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Message From The CEO

Message From The CEO


I wanted to add a personal touch but wasn’t quite clear about what to say, then out of nowhere, this story came to me. I hope it has as much meaning for you as it does for me…

I recently held a seminar in Sydney, something I’ve done since 1995. A part of me really comes alive when I get on stage, and I always have a wonderful time – but this evening was different.

The energy in the room felt odd: there were delays, my General Manager’s introduction was oddly hesitant and self-conscious, and suddenly it was my turn. As soon as I got on stage my mic gave a piercing squeal of feedback, everyone clutched their hands over their ears, and then the whole p.a. system just died.

“Feedback” is Everywhere – Just Listen

Now, I know from experience that when things aren’t working, it’s because I’m not present, so I switched over all my attention. That mini-crisis was actually a blessing. It took me off ‘automatic mode’… made me stop, and think about what I was doing, and helped me remember my original inspiration to do it.

I was there to speak about building wealth through various asset classes, SMSF’s, shares, property and so on, but in that moment I just let it all go. I started talking quietly about my life, sharing the obstacles and challenges I’ve had to face and overcome to be where I am today.

Real Response-ability

I spoke about the importance of taking full responsibility for our lives, which means not only accepting the fact that we create everything that happens to us (responsible), but also being intelligent and flexible in our daily actions (response-able).

Anyone can take credit when everything is working, when they have money in their pocket and their relationships are going well. But it takes someone special to accept responsibility for their life in the dark and difficult times, when we feel lost and the only light at the end of the tunnel looks like an oncoming train.

Fear is just another station on the way to our destination

For some reason I was able to go deeper that night. I spoke of how we all have dreams. Sometimes great ones. But over time we tend to lose our vision of the life we’d love to live, and settle for less than we know deep inside we deserve, which can crush our spirit.

I continued on how we all have fears, and pray for the courage to overcome them – and how the Great Ones have no less fear than we do, they just don’t let it stop them.

As I forgot myself and spoke from my heart, things slowly started to turn around. The energy increased even as the audience became more still – they could relate; it had become not a lecture about creating wealth, but a conversation about being human.

In a moment of presence, there is a true meeting of minds.

After the Seminar I was shaking hands and signing books as usual when a lovely couple came up and said, ‘You probably don’t remember us, but we bought our first property from you 17 years ago.’ I looked up and said, ‘You know, I think I actually do remember you,’ and somehow recalled not only the property but also the exact price they paid – $257,000.

They told me it had since quadrupled in value, thanked me for helping them all those years ago,
and wanted to come and see us to purchase more.

That moment was the key to this letter

As I sat back in the car on the way home, I reflected on the evening I’d just experienced. The ‘crisis’ that led to a real breakthrough in communication; the power of presence, speaking not just words but truths; the people I’d forgotten helping so long ago who hadn’t forgotten me, and I felt incredibly fortunate and blessed.

I’d made a real difference in their lives, and it reminded me that I have the opportunity to do the same with everyone I meet, from meetings with individual clients, to the many at my seminars, to the (hopefully) multitude who will read my books.

I feel so grateful to have been given such a challenging life, because I know from true experience what it’s like to have nothing. To be intimidated by the powerful. To be afraid to take that next step on the path to whatever our personal greatness and success may be. So for me to be able to share these insights and strategies I’ve spent my life learning makes it all worthwhile.

My great dream is to make a difference in the finances and lives of the people I touch, and the thought of one day doing the same for their children moves me very deeply.

Every time I make a difference in someone’s life, they make a difference in mine

My company, my team, and my life are all dedicated to this one purpose. We will do whatever it takes to help you succeed and prosper because we know that is the best way to help ourselves and our own families.

So just like at that seminar, I began this message not really knowing what I wanted to say, and ended up saying more than I thought I could.

I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read it. If my message spoke to you, if it motivated or inspired you to want to take that next step, then I’d love to hear from you because I’m confident, we can make a difference in Enhancing YOUR Life… Today

With Gratitude,
John Hanna