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Bachelor pads that cricket star Shane Warne would love (we think)

Cricketer Shane Warne is one of Melbourne’s most prolific and high-profile property players, spending millions on bayside homes over the years. He has shared his Brighton mansions with ex-wife Simone Callahan and more recently, British bombshell Elizabeth Hurley. But a few days ago, Warne put curious minds at ease and assured us all he is single. The spin star jumped on Twitter to tell fans that despite rumours, he is not co-habitating. “Won’t mention this again. I have no GF. I’m very single. So stop boring the crap out of people news outlets & writing rubbish, no one cares,” he tweeted on January 13.

We hear you, Warnie. With respect to his status, Domain has compiled a helpful list of the best bachelor pads on the market, from MelbourneSydney,Brisbane and London, that we think Warne would love. Read more: http://news.domain.com.au/domain/real-estate-news/bachelor-pads-that-cricket-star-shane-warne-would-love-we-think-20150115-12qtvx.html


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