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Wealth Management & Private Wealth

We provide a high end provision whereby our clients receive their own personal advisor to oversee, consolidate and grow all aspects of their finances.

Home Loans & Finance

Before deciding on a home loan or debating whether or not to switch your current mortgage provider, garner some professional advice from one of our Financial Advisors.

Financial Planning & Advisory

By taking a holistic approach and analysing your situation as a whole, we are able to guide you towards financial freedom!


By giving you full control of your superannuation account by creating a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF), you can reap several benefits such as tax savings and lowering costs.

Over 20 Years Experience

Why are we different?… WE JUST ARE

We’re not your typical wealth management company – we’ll take you places you’ve never been before, inside and out, as we love transforming financial frogs into princes and princesses.

Founded in Sydney, with offices in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Fairchild Group has over 20 years experience in wealth creation. We’ve dedicated our lives to helping individuals and families escape the treadmill of living life from pay cheque to pay cheque, allowing them to live their full potential.

When you work with Fairchild Group you get much more than a Wealth Management Program, or Financial Planning. READ MORE…

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New clients are referred to us by those best qualified to give that recommendation…our EXISTING clients

Jeremy Hunt

Fairchild looked after us and were very big on research and didn’t leave anything to chance.
The entire team certainly know what they are talking about, and we feel very comfortable with them looking after us from here on in. I was extremely impressed with the research that went into making sure that our plan forward, met all of our requirements.

I and T McDonald

Exceptional Service

Everything that Fairchild suggested was supported by extensive research and statistics. Fairchild was very user friendly. Things were not difficult to understand and a plan was laid out for us to get from where we were when we first met Fairchild to where we wanted to go with our future financial plans.

Greg and Karen Penfold

100% satisfied

We were 100% satisfied with Fairchild. We would be the first to admit that sometimes we don’t understand things straight away. Fairchild took the time to explain things as many times as we need until it sunk in. The team of Planners and finance consultants were second to none. We would have

Khorn and Phirath

The Fairchild team took the time and effort trying to make every process easy to understand. The plans and layout that Fairchild has designed just for us are extremely impressive.

Thank you to the Fairchild team for putting the time and effort into making this happen. We appreciate the hard work you put in. Thank you again.

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Dr John Demartini says “Any area of your life you do not empower, someone else will overpower”, which is why we’re always staying on top of and adjusting to new and developing information. This is invaluable to us and equally important to you too, if you want to stay empowered in the areas of finance and wealth optimisation. Knowledge is only powerful when APPLIED.
5 ‘Financial Eggs’ You don’t need to Hunt for this Easter

5 ‘Financial Eggs’ You don’t need to Hunt for this Easter

As Easter is upon us for 2018 — there is no better time to hunt for ideas, to strengthen your portfolio and evidently, your financial future. The good news is the hunting may not take you long at all. In fact, in this article we highlight 5 areas of your finances...

5 Most Common Excuses that STOP You From Planning Your Finances

5 Most Common Excuses that STOP You From Planning Your Finances

We've all been guilty of making excuses when it comes to doing things we don't like or are scared of. For many of us one of those things is planning our finances. With this in mind, we've created a list of the top 5 excuses for putting off planning of your finances...

Good Debt vs Bad Debt

Good Debt vs Bad Debt

My parents taught me at a very young age, that all debt is bad debt. Due to the fact that this has been ingrained in most of us, we don’t like to borrow money. Therefore, we are missing out on creating the very things we really want, such as security and financial...

7 Ways to Love your Portfolio this Valentine’s Day

7 Ways to Love your Portfolio this Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air and while gifts are going out to significant others and secret crushes, this Valentine ’s Day is the perfect time for you to start falling in love with your portfolio. 7 Ways to Love your Portfolio: (1) Get Rid of Debts Anything that is holding you...

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