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Head Office: Level 5, 17 Castlereagh St Sydney, NSW, 2000

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

How Fairchild treats our team is how our TEAM will treat YOU

How Fairchild treats our team is how our TEAM will treat YOU

What exactly is a company? Well, formally it’s a corporate entity which provides a service to the public, but sometimes, it’s more than that. It can also be a group of like-minded individuals who’ve come together around a common purpose, and then even more seldom, they’re inspired about what they do. I have taken great pride in ensuring that Fairchild is all three.

I’d like to give you a detailed description of each of our key employees and department heads, but before we get to that I want to say something about the team as a whole, and how they make us different from all the other companies out there doing similar work.

I’ve been asked many times why Fairchild is different, and my answer is, ‘Because we are.’ I could say our values are Excellence, Integrity, Knowledge, Honesty, Customer Satisfaction, Financial Performance… all the things that go into making a successful company, and that would be true, but by far our greatest value is our Fairchild Team. I personally sit down with every senior applicant, in every area; I meet many whose knowledge and skills are excellent, but that’s not enough.

Every single person I hire is someone I can connect with – I could describe the quality I look for in many different ways: sincerity, integrity, honesty, attention to detail, commitment, inspiration, and a genuine desire to truly make a difference in people’s lives, but the attribute that best sums them all up, is heart. That’s the most important quality of all; it cannot be taught, and without heart all the ability in the world is, to me, worthless. If you don’t care deeply about what you do, what’s the point of doing it?

If  I could put our team on an accounting
balance sheet, I’d  list them as assets.

Of course the team at the Fairchild Group have the technical and financial skills to serve you impeccably, but more importantly, they have the heart to make a difference in the life of each and every person who walks through our door. The qualities that my team possess not only make them better strategists and financial advisors, they make them better people, and that is why they’re here.

Once I find the right people, I then educate and train them to be more effective and efficient in their work, but also enable them to lead more fulfilled, happy, and successful lives. I help them set goals that may be out of sight but never out of reach, and they in turn pass those life and financial skills on to YOU.

Our team offers YOU what we give THEM
– an Empowered, Educated, and Enhanced life.

Our clients and the greater community are the driving force and lifeblood at the Fairchild Group. I want you to grow and arm yourself with the right financial education, to believe that you deserve a more fulfilled and enriched future, in every sense.

Fairchild Group is different, and one of the main reasons we’re different is because our people are different. When we truly know ourselves, all that’s left to say is ‘I Am,’ and Fairchild is… different. Meet with us, and tell me if you agree.